As we all know, taking care of our bodies is essential; and caring for our mental well-being is even more important in a modern world of trials, temptations and stress. However, many of us ignore looking after our hearts and minds. As a matter of fact, the long lineages of Traditional Kung Fu masters were aware of the importance of both body and mind, that is why they brought up the  philosophy of “Chan Wu” which means "Kung Fu & Zen".

In our “kung fu & Zen” retreat program we place great emphasis on balance in life, health and mental strength. Health revitalization is extremely important in the day-to-day battle to counter the harmful effects of modern day stress. Our past retreats have shown that the exercises in our program are very helpful for those who suffered from lack of energy, toxic habits, and problems with their back, neck and shoulders that resulted from long hours in the office.

The academy has designed a series of exercises for health preservation and seminars to share the ancient Chinese philosophy and it’s teachings. We are in good relationship and so work with many knowledgable Masters (such as Master Xingxi, Master Paul Wang, and more..). Our programs expresses the essence of “Chan Wu” with a focus on healing, we also provides teachings about Traditional Chinese Treatments like Moxibustion, Cupping therapy, Scraping treatment, Acupressure, and Chinese Dietetics which focus on body healing, However the retreat also focus on mental healing based on the Master’s deep understanding of Zen buddhism and their many years of meditation practice and dedicated studies of traditional kung fu.