Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kung Fu have always been a part of Chinese traditional culture. TCM is used to treat people’s illness, and Kung Fu practice is used for self healing, maintaining health and prevent illness - hence TCM and Kung Fu are very much linked together.

At Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat, alongside Kung fu training you can get experience of the external therapy of TCM, including acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy ,etc. On the issue of prevention and treatment of disease, external therapy of TCM coincides with the internal therapy of TCM. 

External therapy follows the theory of correspondence between man and universe,and regulates the balance of yin-yang of people by combining idea and physical means. It is secure, convenient and effective, and it’s especially suitable for the persons who are unable to take the medicine.

In the environment full of Zen, the combination of  external therapy of TCM and traditional Kung Fu practice will give you the opportunity to gain your best physical and mental healthy state. 


Moxibustion therapy refers to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses heated moxa (dried mugwort), when burning the moxa releases a “tonifying” energy that flows through the needles (when combined with Acupuncture) and enter the body to increase the energy of a specific area or simply heat it up. Moxa can also be applied directly on the skin, on precisely chosen acupuncture points for a specific action or burned closely enough in a way that the smoke coming out of it will enter and warm those spots in the deeper levels of the body.

In ancient China it was one of the most important health longevity practice, recent studies have shown that it enhance blood cells production, blood and lymph circulation, and improve the overall immune system greatly when applied correctly.

Moxibustion is also great to treat winter diseases:

Rheumatism, asthma, chronic bronchitis, hypersensitive rhinitis, obstructed sinuses because of allergies, cold feet and hands, chronic pharyngitis, tonsils, weak immune system, chronic stomach infection, chronic colonitis and diarrhea or dysentery, erectile disfunction, period pain, extra sensitivity to cold, weak liver and stomach.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy refers to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses a heated cup to create a local suction when applied on the skin (on a precisely chosen areas of the meridian system according to the illness). This technique is used to rapidly evacuate a pathogenic factor from the body by forcing it to be evacuated through the suction applied. Cupping helps to unstuck and give a better flow to the microcirculation which later leads to healthier and stronger body immune system. 


Acupuncture refers to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses needles techniques on specific points of the human body. Those points are called acupoints, the goal of an acupuncture treatment is to stimulate them to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Each acupoint has a specific effect on the body when stimulated, the doctor decides what points to use according to their position on the meridian system. 3 techniques are used to puncture the points:

“tonifying”, “sedating”, ”harmonizing” each of them has a different effect on the Qi (energy) that flows through the selected meridian. By controlling the energy levels and their circulation the doctor can harmonize the yin and yang aspect of each organs and cure the whole body instead of focusing only on one body part like most of the western medicine does.

Acupuncture is a safe and widely used practice around the world, the benefits vary from person to person but mostly the body is strengthened, the immune system improved and the pathogenic factor eliminated.

Here at Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat we pay close attention to all of those details in order for you to have the best health and revitalization experience.

Other Treatments:

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