Zeimes Paul, Luxembourg, 07/Oct/2016


Dear Naomi & dear Masters,

I am very thankful that I was a part of your retreat ! It was really exactly that what I needed.

I was not that interested in real fighting skills, but I was open to also learn a bit about kicks and selfdefense. And yes! I enjoyed even this part!

I never thought I would be able to kick as high as my head or even further, so thank you! This was a big improvement in that short period of time.

The morning breathing routine, was exactly what I was looking for, a good feeling, perfect.The meditations, Chinese classics classes and the calligraphy classes, couldn’t be any better !

I enjoyed every moment.The master exactly knew when to say what to give the right hints so that we could learn and recognize for ourself.
I knew that I allready had done much progress in looking at the world when I was here at home, and the master knew how to keep pushing this progress and simultaneously looked that I keep on the bottom. That I don’t get lost in the insights.

For that I am really thankful ! I grew a lot because of you all, the participants and the environment. Really, thank you !

It felt like a big family, it was a pleasure  to live, eat and make fun with you under one roof. One more time thank you :)

Now back here in Luxembourg, I am going on on the way, being satisfied where I allready am – excited what will come next, open minded for everything that comes and even don’t expect anything.

It is good, it will be good and also the past, was good.

If nothing will change, we will see us next year

With lots of love,
Zeimes Paul aka Pol Son