Sebastian Prischmann, Germany, June 2016.


I joined the Kungfu Garden retreat for one weekend and felt warmly taken care from the first to the last minute. I was not sure what to expect but was very positive surprised. I was picked up at Nanshao subway station what worked very well. The Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat is located in a village in the outskirts of Beijing. The premises are lovely decorated in traditional Chinese style. Though it is not a temple the whole place calms one down and gives you a relaxing and peaceful feeling. I was welcomed by Naomi and given a comprehensive  introduction into the daily schedule and how everything is going on. Naomi is kind of the manager, speaking pretty well english and translating most of the time. We were 3 people in total joing the retreat for this weekend hence I had one room for my own.

  The daily schedule is fully packed but don't be concerned   there is enough time for relaxing and reflecting. The Kungfu exercise are very well prepared and the level is slightly increasing during the stay. Watching the Masters showing the exercise itself was like a feast for the eyes. The Qigong oriented exercises in the morning and evening are relaxing and good to improve concentration. Also the meditation exercises were a great experience.

The food is vegetarian, what I appreciated very much, though incredible delicious and variedly. Overall I enjoyed the 3 days very much and will definitely come back again for a longer retreat. I strongly recommend this retreat.


Sebastian  Prischmann  


June 2016.