Laurent Paiser, France, October /2016


    About a month ago I decided to leave France to come to China to study kung fu for 3 months. Those past weeks and since I arrived at the school were truly a deep and beautiful experience. I was greeted well and felt like I was part of the family since day 1.


    I always felt very at ease and my mind became gradually even more peaceful and calm while my body improved. I got more flexibility, more explosive power and a way better coordination even tough I practiced kung fu for about 4 years already.

All of the other students were very friendly, interesting and open minded people, the only recommendation I could give is to bring a good book or something to share about your culture, it will make the experience even more interesting!

And if youre serious about learning kung fu to reach a high level, then plan to study there many years.


Definitely one of the best life experience I ever had. Thanks a lot!

Laurent Paiser, France,  October /2016