Shaolin Wugulun

“Wugulun” is the name of a 19th century Shaolin monk who is believed to have been the last monk to fight his way out of Shaolin Temple against the 18 temple guardians. He left before the Temple was burned to the ground by a regional warlord in 1928. He taught his son, Wu Shanlin, who was later invited back to the reconstructed Temple to teach the monks the lost secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Wugulun’s teaching is ancient, placing less emphasis on pure physical development and instead emphasizing spiritual development incorporating breathing practice and internal energy exercises. Rather than force students into a certain mold or paradigm, Wugulun works with the unique characteristics of each individual and thereby allows students to experience a deep personal cultivation. 

Wudang Longmen

Wudang Kung Fu is understood to have been founded by a local Taoist by the name Zhang Sanfeng. There is a widespread legend that has been passed down about the Taiji fist. It says that there existed an outstanding man during the Chinese Ming Dynasty by the name if Zhang Sanfeng who had excelled highly in martial arts. He had in him that unusual quality and strangely never had an eye and despised both wealth and fame. At one time he had a competition with an extremely strong person and was unable to defeat the person, thereafter in researching different martial arts until he created a new fist. In the second subsequent competition he used the new fist and a very distinctive technique in defeating the opponent where he namely used the mans incredible power to defeat him. Late the technique became so impressive among people thus became a famous technique with Tach Quan. therefore Wudang Kung Fu was actually created by Zhang Sanfeng.

Chang Jia Quan


San Huang Pao Chui

Tai Ji